Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Finally, we have decided to shut down our services. We don't have enough time to pursue this project. Thank you for your support and love. This has been a difficult decision because we had invested so much time and energy into the project but over time we started losing interest in this project. We are working on some interesting ideas and planning to come up with our new ebook site very soon.

While we work on other projects you could visit the following projects:

ebookweb is no longer an active project. However if you are looking for similar services or projects you could try searching sites like ebookweb on similar site search engine Similarto helps you find sites which offer similar products or services.

Travel is something that inspires us. And we love reading books while traveling.If you are looking for top travel ebooks then visit this guide over here. distancesfrom has compiled a list top 100 travel ebooks of all time.

if you are looking for free pdfs or ebooks then download amazon kindle app.. Freepdfs has millions of freepdfs in it's index. They only index pdfs which are free for public use.

If you looking for discounts on ebooks then visit coupons tweet. Couponstweet aggregates best popular ebook deals from social media. Most of the coupons listed on couponstweets have already been used by thousands of other people. Do visit couponstweet and let us know of your feedback.