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a1Welcome to E-Book Web!

It is a magazine about eBooks, education, reading and more. The aim of this magazine is to encourage people to read. In our every issue you will find articles on the benefits of reading, the top reading list for various ages, the importance of eBook and how they are affecting our lives, and more. You will also get tips on how to provide the best education to your child

In this magazine, you will find reviews of lots of books. We interview authors and educationists to know more about education and books. We talk about how to change the education system to make the learning process better. Because of technological advancement, the children of this generation hardly read any book. They spend most of their time with electronic gadgets. We hope this magazine will encourage parents and teachers to get children more interested in reading books. The magazine is not only for encouraging children to reads. Reading is equally important for adults. By making reading a habit they will become more knowledgeable and aware of what’s happening throughout the world. Subscribe to our magazine today!