The best books on Asia

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There are many great books out there that talks about the different parts of Asia. If you’re interested in reading books about adventures in Asia or story plots that describe various places in Asia, we recommend that you continue to read on as we’ll be listing some of our recommendations below.

Hokkaido Highway Blues by Will Ferguson

The book is mainly about the author’s experience in hitch-hiking while he was in Japan. Will hitchhiked for 1,800 miles through the north of Japan. He tells us about everything he has encountered during his journey in Japan.

Shanghai Girls by Lisa See

The Shanghai Girls are based on China’s history when the Japanese bombed the country. The story focuses on two sisters who went through the difficulty of escaping their country and start a new life in America. It also tells us the experience of the life of an immigrant living in the USA back in the war times.

Backpacker Business by Nikki Scott

The book is about the author Nikki and how became a backpacker traveller to a business entrepreneur. Nikki was a complete beginner in backpacking when she decided to travel around Asia. The book will teach you to think differently about the kind of life you want to lead. At the end of her travels, she discovered on how businesses are run in Asia. By the end of her journey, Nikki launched her first travel magazine across Asia.

Mission Mongolia by David Treanor

The mission Mongolia is about two friends who have decided to travel from London to Mongolia using an old and cheap van. They are both redundant journalists who are looking for an adventure from their daily routine. Throughout their journey, they’ve come across cheerful locals who have helped them along the way. They were also able to experience the darkest sides of the country.

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